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A Luton vicar who told a 13-year-old girl to sexually abuse her nine-year-old sister has been sacked and given a life ban by the Church of England.

Former St Francis Church vicar James Ogley, 38, told the teenager he wanted her and her sister to have sex with their own mother.

In another online exchange Ogley, a married father of two young children, told the teenager to rape her younger sibling.

The depraved chat logs were discovered by police officers when they visited the Luton vicarage where he lived with his family and seized his laptop from his study.

After his arrest in January 2013 Ogley was immediately suspended from St Francis Church, Carteret Road, Luton, and has now been formally dismissed after receiving a two-year jail sentence last month.

The Diocese of St Albans has also banned Ogley from being a Church of England priest for the rest of his life.

The Bishop of St Albans, the Rt Rev Dr Alan Smith, said: “Very soon after his sentencing, I was quite clear in my own mind that the appropriate penalty was prohibition from office for life.

“Now that the legal process has come to its conclusion, I am able to make the penalty to be imposed known.

“I feel deep sorrow and shame that one of my priests should have done such terribly wrong things.”