Adam Fanelli’s family describe their ‘heartbreak’ as murderers are handed life sentences

Jemma Price (left) and Addy McAllister (right) have both been jailed for the murder of Adam Fanelli
Jemma Price (left) and Addy McAllister (right) have both been jailed for the murder of Adam Fanelli

The killers of a Dunstable father-of-three have both been handed life sentences.

Jemma Price will serve a minimum of 17 years behind bars, while Addy McAllister faces a minimum term of 14 years.

Adam Fanelli was laid to rest in Dunstable

Adam Fanelli was laid to rest in Dunstable

At Luton Crown Court the pair were today found guilty of the murder of Adam Fanelli, who was badly beaten at Nash Park Travellers site, near Milton Keynes, in the early hours of March 17.

Before the sentences were handed down victim impact statements were read out in court on behalf of Mr Fanelli’s family.

In one, Jessica Slade said that she had been left ‘heartbroken’ by the murder of her partner.

It read: “I still do not understand why they took his life, there is no explanation for losing Adam.

“The family have been deprived of a son, a father and three girls have been left without their daddy.

“He will never watch our daughters grow up and have children of their own.

“It has taken the laughter and joy from our lives.”

Another statement from Mr Fanelli’s mother Sue read: “What they have done is horrific, it haunts me each and every day and will for the rest of my life.

“I hate that we shall never see or be seen with him again and that his three girls will have to be without their daddy.

“I should not be burying my child, he should be burying me.”

When handing down the sentences, Judge Michael Kay QC blasted Price and McAllister for failing to help their victim.

He said: “Neither of you rang for an ambulance or gave him any help, he was left by you to die when it was possible that early medical assistance may have saved his life.

“Instead you slashed the tyres of his van and drove it to the edge of the site.

“This was an attack fuelled by drugs and was a fearful beating.”

Judge Kay added that in the aftermath of the attack Price and McAllister concocted a ‘web of lies’ in an attempt to avoid blame.

Speaking following the convictions, Thames Valley Police detective chief inspector Simon Steel said: “Price and McAllister brutally killed Adam Fanelli and no court result will ever bring him back to those who loved him.

“Mr Fanelli was a son, partner and a father to young children.

“Every day his family have to live life without him and deal with the impact of this horrific crime which has forever taken him away from them.

“However I hope this verdict provides them with some sort of resolution from what is clearly a traumatic time.”

He added: “I would like to thank everyone who was involved with today’s conviction particularly the family for their dignity, the witnesses who gave evidence in the case and everyone involved in what was a complex investigation.”