All available police patrols across Bedfordshire to target speeding drivers

Police are so determined to crack down on speeding in Bedfordshire that they have decided to devote all available patrols to tackle the road menaces.

20mph speed limit zone SUS-150518-172650001
20mph speed limit zone SUS-150518-172650001

A week-long campaign was launced across the three counties of Beds, Cambridgeshire, and Hertfordshire on Monday (August 6).

As well as tackling dangerous drivers who choose to ignore the speed limit, the campaign aims to raise public awareness of the potentially fatal consequences of driving at an inappropriate or illegal speed.

BCH Roads Policing Sergeant Ian Manley said: “There is clearly still a lot of work to do to tackle dangerous driving across the county.

“Speeding is one of the ‘Fatal Four’ offences that are most likely to cause a collision, therefore we must do all we can to prevent as many avoidable collisions on the roads of Bedfordshire as possible.”

In 2017 alone, roads police dealt with more than 70,000 speeding offences across Bedfordshire, with men aged 36 - 45 proving to be the most prolific offenders.

Sgt Manley added: “We don’t want the public’s money, we want people to stop driving dangerously and keep safe on the counties roads.

“There have been too many lives lost as a result of speeding and all we ask is that people do their bit by sticking to the limit or driving at speeds that are appropriate for the driving conditions.”

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