'˜App perverts asked my 10-year-old girl for sex'

A mother has demanded action from the makers of a children's app, after users approached her 10-year-old daughter for sex.

Wednesday, 16th March 2016, 8:00 am
Emma Campbell Emma Campbell discovered sickening messages on her daughters  MovieStarPlanet account
Emma Campbell Emma Campbell discovered sickening messages on her daughters MovieStarPlanet account

Emma Campbell says she was left ‘heartbroken’ after discovering a series of sickening messages on her daughter’s MovieStarPlanet account, which had been sent to her by complete strangers.

One user asked the girl for a threesome, adding: “I want to take you to my bed”.

Another asked: “Do you want to go to bed with me?”.

Mrs Campbell says she was 'heartbroken' after finding the messages

After uncovering the lewd messages Mrs Campbell used her daughter’s account and was herself approached by users who propositioned her for a number of different sex acts.

She told the Luton News: “It was awful, absolutely heartbreaking and we know the people who are doing this are adults.

“Because there are these separate rooms that they can go into and have off record conversations in you don’t know what she has been told.

“I dread to think what has been said in these private rooms, we will never know.

Mrs Campbell says she was 'heartbroken' after finding the messages

“One person was asking her for sex and then said ‘let’s go and talk in a private room’

“He asked her for a threesome as well, I have had to ask her if she knows what these words mean.

“It is shocking, I sat her down and said ‘you’re not in trouble, I just need to know’”

The makers of MovieStarPlanet say the site is a ‘social online universe’ for children aged between 8 and 15, which provides users with a “safe, secure and fun social networking platform”.

However after accessing her daughter’s account Mrs Campbell was struck by the lax security measures of the site.

She said: “I went in to one of those chat rooms and a couple of people asked me to be friends with them, then one of them started talking to me.

“In the private room he said ‘wanna feel my middles’ then said ‘I want to feel your boobs’.

“He disappeared and the same thing happened again.

“The next one asked me for sex and I asked what that is”.

The user then told Mrs Campbell to take her clothes off and talked her through a sexual act in graphic detail.

The mum-of-four said: “It was disgusting, I was so glad it was said to me as it could have been said to our daughter.

“This was worse than the stuff she had seen but it could have been her, it is so scary.”

Mrs Campbell, from Luton, added: “We were well against the app to begin with but she showed me her friends on there and said this is such and such from her class.

“She is growing up and it was nice to give her that bit of independence.

“We set rules and said she could only speak to friends – this private chat feature where you can go into a different room, we had no idea about that at all.

“MovieStarPlanet looks like an innocent game but it is not, parents need to be made aware of it.”

In a statement the website said that three of the users which targeted Mrs Campbell and her daughter have had their accounts permanently locked, while a further two received warnings before being temporarily locked out.

A MovieStarPlanet spokesman told the Luton News: “The safety and protection of all children who use the MovieStarPlanet online social networking community, is of paramount concern to everyone employed at MovieStarPlanet.

“We employ numerous methods and resources to ensure the online community is a safe and suitable environment for children.”

After being alerted to the messages Beds Police officers visited Mrs Campbell and her daughter, but were unable to trace the source of the messages.

A spokesperson from the force said: “Parents and carers are advised to monitor their child’s online activity and to ensure that security settings are in place.

“We’d also recommend that they have a conversation about internet safety with their children to make sure they know to tell an adult if someone makes them feel uncomfortable and never to share personal information.”