Beds Police denies Britain First claim that it told Luton venues not to host ‘grand social’

Britain First stage a march through the streets of Rotherham in October
Britain First stage a march through the streets of Rotherham in October

Beds Police has denied claims that it warned local venues not to host Britain First after its march through Luton on Saturday.

On Thursday the far-right group announced to its followers that it had arranged a “grand social on the outskirts of the town” which would give demonstrators the chance to “meet other patriots and to enjoy a wind down”.

However just four days later Britain First axed plans for the event, claiming that Beds Police had put off all potential hosts.

A post on the group’s Facebook page reads: “Luton police have been ringing around every single pub and social club telling them that ‘they’ll be big trouble’ if they host Britain First.

“It’s the job of the police to catch criminals, not sabotage political parties!”

It added that the group’s leadership would lodge a complaint with the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

However, Beds Police has denied the claim.

A spokesman said: “We can confirm that we have not been contacting businesses and advising them around whether or not to allow Britain First to hold events on Saturday.

“We were contacted by a premises which had been approached by Britain First and gave them advice around potential risks they should take into consideration as is usual practice.

“We are working with licensed premises to ensure they can remain open on the day and be safe and accessible to the general public.”