Breaking: Luton men found guilty of terror offences

Junead Khan (left) and Shazib Khan
Junead Khan (left) and Shazib Khan

Two men from Luton have been found guilty of terror offences this afternoon.

Junead Khan, a supporter of so-called Islamic State (IS), was found guilty of preparing terrorist acts by plotting to kill a US airman at a base in East Anglia.

The lorry driver had driven past RAF Lakenheath and other bases on his delivery route, and had discussed staging a car crash and attacking a soldier with a knife.

Khan and his uncle Shazib Khan were also convicted of preparing to join IS in Syria.

The court heard how local Prevent engagement officers from Bedfordshire Police visited Junead Khan four times in 2014, to try and encourage him away from extremism following referrals from statutory agencies.

But Junead Khan refused help and instead became more embroiled in extremism, liaising with someone police believe to be a fighter for Daesh, and plotting acts of terrorism.

Subsequently, following a joint MI5 and Met Counter Terrorism Command (SO15) investigation, specialist police detectives arrested the delivery driver and his uncle for their plans.

Commander Dean Haydon, head of Met Police’s counter terrorism team, said: “Junead Khan faces years in prison for the atrocious acts he planned.

“Around a year before his arrest, local officers reached out to him.

“They offered to help him follow a positive life path.

“Junead Khan’s refusal spiralled into extremism and plotting acts of terrorism.

“Counter terrorism officers will take every step to stop and prosecute those who plan such acts of terrorism in the UK to keep the public safe.

Detective superintendent Piers Dingermans, from the Eastern Counter Terrorism Intelligence Unit, added: “A Prevent officer visited Junead Khan on several occasions however he would not engage so we were unable to pursue any intervention work to tackle his extreme views and radicalisation.

“Unfortunately those extreme views continued and escalated.

“This case clearly shows the consequences for those who turn down the opportunities to work with police and partner agencies and continue their path into extremism.

“If Junead Khan had engaged with Prevent we could well have stopped him from becoming fully radicalised and he might not now be facing a lengthy spell behind bars.”