Breaking: IS supporter from Luton jailed for life over terror plot

A delivery driver from Luton has been jailed for life over a plot to kill a US airman outside a base in Suffolk.

Friday, 13th May 2016, 3:17 pm
Updated Friday, 13th May 2016, 4:41 pm
Junead Khan (left) and his uncle Shazib Khan

Junead Khan, 25, a supporter of so-called Islamic State (IS), was found guilty of preparing terrorist acts on April 1 and was this afternoon sentenced to a minimum of 12 years behind bars.

During a six week trial at Kingston Crown Court it was heard that Khan had driven past RAF Lakenheath and other bases on his delivery route, and had discussed staging a car crash and attacking a soldier with a knife.

Prevent engagement officers from Bedfordshire Police visited Junead Khan four times in 2014, to try and encourage him away from extremism following referrals from statutory agencies.

But Junead Khan refused help and became more embroiled in extremism, liaising with someone police believe to be a fighter for Daesh, and plotting acts of terrorism.

Sentencing the 25-year-old, Mr Justice Edis said: “Junead Khan was not far from the commission of the murder to be committed by horrifying method in the street in order to create terror and terrorist propaganda in this country.

“His offence was so serious that a life sentence must be imposed.”

Last month Junead Khan was also convicted alongside his uncle Shazib Khan, from Luton, for preparing to join IS in Syria.

Shazib Khan has been handed a extended sentence of 13 years in prison, eight years of which he will have to serve in custody.

Mr Justice Edis said the two men, who are of Bangladeshi backgrounds, have rejected the values and opportunities Britain gave them.

He said: “They have both received education in this country at the public expense. They have lived as citizens of a free country which is committed to equality under the law.

“They both believe that Sharia law is the only legitimate law and both reject democracy because it involves law being made by people and not by God.

“They have rejected the protection of the law of this country and education they have received by becoming committed supporters of Isis (IS) - an organisation which wishes to control the world and which will stop short of no barbarity in order to do so.”