Caddington villagers to start petition over ‘worrying’ spike in house burglaries


Caddington villagers are preparing a petition on a perceived lack of police presence in the village, after figures revealed a ‘worrying’ increase in house burglaries.

Statistics from Beds Police showed a 700 per cent year on year rise for home burglaries last month, as seven properties in the village were hit by thieves.

Local officers have said that the trend has seen homes targeted while occupants are away overnight, with burglars gaining entry from the rear of properties.

Two other incidents saw a theft from a shop and an attempt of burglary at a garage.

The spike means that 36 burglaries have taken place in the village over the last 12 months, which has led villagers to petition Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner Olly Martins for ‘urgent’ additional police presence.

Central Beds councillors Richard Stay and Kevin Collins, who both represent Caddington, drafted the petition which will be circulated through the village.

Mr Stay said: “The figures are hugely worrying and something needs to be done very quickly to address this. This is not an attack on police officers who do splendid work but there is a feeling that too much emphasis is placed on Luton and Bedford.

“You can understand why when obviously there are very high crime rates there but the village is getting hit as it is under resourced. Crime in the village has a far greater impact than it does in urban areas as there is a close-knit community, fear can spread quickly.

“Burglary is an evil crime that can have awful implications for families. There has been a great response to the petition from villagers so far.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Olly Martins has been contacted for comment.