Campaigners set for ‘justice’ protest outside Luton Police Station

Campaign groups will join forces on Sunday as they march from Bury Park to Luton Police Station to call for ‘justice’.

The event has been organised in the aftermath of the Faruk Ali court case, in which two Beds Police officers were cleared of assaulting an autistic man from Luton.

The ‘Luton 4 Justice’ demonstration will also be formed by members of the campaign group for Leon Briggs, whose death in November 2013 is still being probed by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Friends and family of three-year-old Mayah Shazad, who tragically died in August after a collision with a bus on Dunstable Road, will also march to the station.

They claim they were mistreated by officers after the incident.

The event will start from Nadeem Plaza in Dunstable Road at 1pm, with protesters set to march south through Bury Park to the Telford Road

crossing of the inner ring road.

After crossing the road the march will move along the south side of Dunstable Road/Stuart Street to Buxton Road for a demonstration outside Luton Police Station.

Speeches will then be given outside the station, with representatives from other campaign groups also expected to be in attendance.

A statement from the demonstration’s organisers said that the march will be peaceful.

It added: “We need to raise awareness of the issues affecting the public from failures by our police force and call for it to stop.”

Chief Inspector Greg Horsford, leading the police operation, said: “We are working together with event organisers and Luton Borough Council to ensure the general safety of those taking part.

“We do not anticipate that this will cause major disruption in Luton and although some degree of traffic disruption is expected, we are striving to ensure business as usual in Bury Park and Luton Town Centre.

“To ensure public safety there may be some temporary halting of traffic to ensure those taking part cross roads safely and do not bunch up on footbridges or pathways and endanger themselves.

“Protecting people and facilitating a safe march and demonstration will be our priority.”