Car clocker handed suspended sentence

A Luton car dealer has been convicted for knowingly selling clocked vehicles.

Mikhail Sturki, 28, of St Pauls Road, was sentenced at Luton Crown Court for 16 charges of selling clocked cars from his business Lama Cars and Modern Cars in Luton.

Sturki, who was the junior partner in the business run by his brother-in-law, received a suspended nine month prison sentence and 250 hours of community service after admitting he knew what his brother-in-law was up to and went along with it.

In sentencing, the judge commented on the seriousness of the case, not only affecting the victims but also damaging the reputation of legitimate car dealers.

However, the judge also took into account that Sturki was the junior partner in the business and since being caught, he has turned his life around building a reputable car business.

A Council Trading Standards spokesperson said: “Clocking cars is fraud, and fraud is a serious crime, particularly as it reflects badly on all local second-hand car sales people.

“Fraudsters are not welcome in Luton.”

Sturki now faces confiscation of his assets, while his brother in law has disappeared and is believed to have left the country.