Casper’s owner warns others to keep their pets indoors in Luton

Casper was mutilated in Luton
Casper was mutilated in Luton

The owner of a rabbit that was mutilated in Luton has advised other pet owners to keep their animals indoors.

Amber Hunt’s pet rabbit, Casper, was killed and left in their flower bed on Friday morning, it has been linked to other rabbit killings in Harpenden and Watford.

And it is now being investigated under Operation Takahe which has been investigating hundreds of violent cat and rabbit deaths in the past two years in the London area.

Amber said: “We heard a squeal in the middle of the night and thought it was foxes or cats, in the morning my partner found Casper in the flower bed with her head cut off.

“We thought she had been killed by an animal but when I saw what had happened in Harpenden I called the Police and SNARL, who have both been amazing, they said to take her to the vets to confirm how she died.

“They said that she could not have been killed by an animal, she was killed by a human, her legs and head were cut off.”

Amber had Casper for four years and is sickened by what has happened, she hopes the police catch the person who did this.

She said: “We do not know how they knew we had a rabbit, I feel sick to my stomach to know that someone did this to Casper. We are hoping to make people aware of what has happened and warn them to keep all their animals inside, we do not want this to happen to anyone else.”

Bedfordshire Police are investigating the incident, a spokesman for the force said: “Investigating officers believe this incident could be linked to the wider Operation Takahe where vast numbers of pets have been killed in similar situations in the South East.

“Officers have linked in with surrounding forces and are pursuing several lines of enquiry.”