EastEnders’ stalker jailed for indecency on train

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A “serial stalker” jailed last year for preying upon ex-EastEnders’ actress Brooke Kinsella is in prison again after carrying out a sex act on a train between St Albans and Luton.

Paul Mason, 42, appeared at Luton Magistrates Court last Friday where he was found guilty after trial of outraging public decency.

The court heard that on January 14, a young woman was travelling on the St Pancras train to Bedford when Mason boarded the carriage at St Albans.

Prosecutor Joan Gandolfi said: “She described the carriage as having empty seats around but the suspect continued walking through and sat down in the two seats in the opposite side of the aisle.”

There, the woman said Mason began pleasuring himself.

Mrs Gandolfi added: “He then dropped the side of his coat and had a leering smile. His reaction was that he looked as if he wanted to be caught and seemed quite proud of himself.”

The woman warned other passengers and got off the train at Luton Parkway. Mason was later arrested on April 10 at Luton station for possession of cannabis where the arresting officer recognised Mason’s description from the previous complaint. The woman later identified Mason from a police lineup.

Following trial, he was found guilty by magistrates.

The court also heard that Mason had harassed Bedford Cllr Louise Jackson after a chance meeting at London St Pancras Station earlier in the year.

Cllr Jackson had taken pity on him after hearing of his homeless situation and gave him her business card, but soon found herself bombarded with “sinister” love letters.

From August 4 to 17, Mason sent letters from prison to Cllr Jackson at both her home address and Bedford Council offices, calling her “darling” and sending magazine cutouts of dresses he wanted her to wear.

Mason was sentenced to six weeks for indecency on a train. He was sentenced to an additional 10 weeks for harrassing Cllr Jackson, along with a two-year restraining order and £100 compensation. He also faced prosecution costs of £300 and victim surcharge of £115