Estate agent apologises for adverts touting £550k ‘London’ flats in Luton

The estate agency which advertised £550k two bed flats in Luton has apologised for touting the properties as being in “one of the most cosmopolitan areas of London”.

On Wednesday the Luton News exclusively revealed that the apartments in an unbuilt complex on Flowers Way were being advertised for more than half a million pounds.

For less money you could buy a seven-bedroom villa in Orlando (£520,000), a four-bedroom flat in Venice (524,000) or a six-bed house in Barbados (£545,000).

Advertising for the properties boasts that they are “located close to one of the world’s leading financial districts and in one of the most cosmopolitan areas of London”.

It adds: “Stepping inside your Flowers Way apartment you are transported to a luxurious haven – leaving the day’s stresses far behind.”

The site backs onto the Red Lion pub, Luton Crown Court and G Casino, while flats would look across the Park Viaduct carriageway.

Since we broke the story it has featured in a number of national papers.

London-based estate agent ReMax, which advertised the flats, has since removed the posts from its site.

The company’s owner Tim Marshall blamed a “typographical error” for the advert’s misleading description.

He said: “It should have read Luton as opposed to London.

“I have personally checked and corrected when necessary, all properties we have advertised in Luton.

“We apologise for the error and trust that this typographical error can be treated as such and was not a deliberate attempt to mislead the public by ourselves.”

He added that the advert was aimed at investors from China and Malaysia.

A spokesperson for ReMax said: “Re/max London sincerely regrets the erroneous description that has been posted by one of our franchise offices, Re/max Property Centre, this was clearly inaccurate and does not comply with our strict company guidelines, which are based upon providing the consumer with transparent and correct information.”