Family’s anger at no show ambulance

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The family of a vulnerable man who was attacked in the street in September are still angry that no ambulance came to help him.

The 23-year-old was assaulted when he was walking along a footpath near Montague Avenue, Leagrave, at 6.30pm on Monday, September 15.

He was approached by two teenagers on bikes and in a seemingly random attack they kicked and punched him, leaving him with a broken collar bone, broken nose, missing teeth and needing stitches inside and outside his mouth.

The victim’s mum and uncle called the East of England Ambulance Service six times but they claim one never turned up.

Gregg Widger, his uncle, said: “He was brutally attacked and despite numerous calls to 999, the ambulance never came and I have not been told why.

“My sister called twice and I called at 6.58pm, 7.04pm, 7.15pm and 7.27pm.

“Fortunately there were two police officers dealing with another incident nearby and they took my nephew to hospital. They even rang the ambulance themselves but still nothing.

“I have been trying to contact the ambulance service to see what happened and to make a complaint.

“It is disgusting, one punch can kill someone and they just did not come when we needed them.

“If they have made a mistake then that is fine, but they need to take responsibility for what has happened.”

The victim’s mum, Belinda Widger, said: “He came through the door and was covered in blood. I rang the ambulance but no one came, even though they said they were sending one.

“I was waiting and waiting but still nothing. It was nearly over an hour before we got to a hospital, it was horrible. I was so worried about him.”

A spokesperson for the East of England Ambulance Service said: “We have looked into this and we take all complaints seriously.

“We only received two 999 calls, one at 7.04pm and one at 7.34pm, we sent an ambulance at 7.42pm, but before it arrived on scene, the police called to say they were dealing with it.”

Luton police have launched an investigation into the assault, if anyone has any information, they can call 101.