Faruk Ali campaigners blast ‘incredible and ludicrous’ delay to misconduct hearing

Faruk Ali
Faruk Ali

Campaigners have said that it is “incredible and ludicrous” that a police misconduct hearing will now not take place before March 2016.

Last December Bedfordshire PCs Christopher Thomas and Christopher Pitts were found not guilty of misconduct in a public office by chasing autistic Luton man Faruk Ali in a police car.

However both officers are still subject to a gross misconduct hearing following an inquiry carried out by Leicestershire Police and supervised by the IPCC.

Due to a recent change in law the hearing will take place in public, though it appears this will not take place before March as Beds Police has failed to find a chairperson for the panel.

A Justice4Faruk spokesman said the delay was “incredible and ludicrous”.

He added: “Beds Police have known of this case for 18 months now, have known of a high likelihood of a misconduct hearing taking place in light of the evidence in the case, were fully aware from earlier this year that under the new legislation the misconduct hearing would have to take place in public and would require a suitable person to chair.

“Yet they have been unable to organise this and consider it justified that there is delay in progression of this matter on this basis.

“The above does nothing more than to renew our concerns and disappointment with the conduct of Bedfordshire Police.”