Guilty of killing his unborn son in vicious attack

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A man who brutally assaulted his pregnant ex-girlfriend and killed their unborn son has today been found guilty of child destruction yesterday.

Kevin Wilson, 21 a teaching assistant, of Stansfield House, Longfield Estate, Bermondsey was also convicted of grievous bodily harm with intent on Malorie Bantala after planning the attack because he did not want to be a father.

A 17-year-old from the Bermondsey area recruited by Wilson to help in the assault was also found guilty at the Old Bailey of child destruction and GBH.

Malorie was a former student at the University of Bedfordshire in Luton.

Detective Chief Inspector Rob Pack, of the Homicide and Major Crime Command, said: “This has been a truly shocking case. Shocking that a man would plan and carry out such a violent and abhorrent attack with the sole intention of destroying the life he had helped create. Also, shocking that any person would help him in committing this crime.

“But Wilson was not a willing father-to-be. The court heard how selfish and manipulative Wilson is. He didn’t want a baby or the responsibility one would bring. His subsequent girlfriend also fell pregnant but had a termination. Malorie didn’t want this - she loved baby Joel and was looking forward to motherhood. So Wilson threatened her - he threatened her emotionally that he would commit suicide or that he would move to Ghana; and when none of these tactics worked he took matters into his own hands and brutally assaulted her with such tragic consequences.

“Wilson carefully planned this attack. Just as he had manipulated others he similarly sought to thwart the police investigation by laying a false trail to evade justice. It’s clear in the verdict delivered today that the jury saw through Wilson’s account.

“Today is not about Kevin Wilson. Instead it is very much about achieving justice for Malorie and Joel. No one who heard or reads Malorie’s statement about the impact this has had on her, can fail to be moved by the hopes and dreams she had for Joel. All of those hopes which have been so cruelly taken away from Maolrie before Joel even had a chance to start living his life. Our thoughts are very much with Malorie and her family at this time.”

The court heard that shortly after 20:00hrs on Monday, 15 June, heavily pregnant Malorie was walking down Talfourd Place, Peckham when she was approached by two men who appeared out of the bushes wearing motorbike crash helmets.

They pushed her to the ground and continually kicked and stamped on her stomach.

The suspects then ran off, still wearing the crash helmets, in the direction of Denman Road and made off on a motorcycle or scooter.

Malorie, who was 32 weeks pregnant, was rushed to King’s College Hospital but her unborn baby boy could not be saved and was stillborn by emergency C-section. Malorie, aged 21, needed life-saving surgery to control bleeding from a major artery and also suffered fractures to her right hand as she tried to protect her stomach during the attack.

The court heard Malorie and Wilson had begun a short relationship in the summer of 2011 while at university.

After they split up they stayed on good terms, occasionally seeing each other.

In December 2014 Malorie discovered she was pregnant and told Wilson over the phone. He said he was not ready for a child.

Malorie decided she wanted to keep the baby and informed Wilson who responded: “Why are you doing this to me?”

Two days later Wilson arranged for Malorie to have a consultation at an abortion clinic in Blackfriars. She was asked what treatment she wanted and explained she thought she was there just to discuss the options.

Wilson was angry as they left together, saying he could not have a child and urging Malorie to do him a “favour” by terminating the pregnancy.

Malorie said he could just leave but he replied that it wasn’t an option and she needed to get rid of the baby. He called her selfish and a bitch.

They met again a few days later where Wilson tried again over dinner to persuade Malorie to have an abortion.

Their relationship deteriorated. Wilson began denying he was the father, even after Malorie informed his mother.

Two weeks later, on 25 May, Wilson made his first call to the 17-year-old. From then, there were regular telephone calls between the pair up until the day of the attack on Malorie.

On Sunday, 14 June Malorie went to buy supplies for a baby shower she was planning and noticed two males wearing motorbike helmets sitting on some railings close to her home. Other neighbours also spotted the males in the area throughout that day.

The prosecution suggested the pair were carrying out a recce in preparation for the attack on Malorie.

Two males wearing the same crash helmets were seen in the area from around 16:00hrs on the day Malorie was assaulted, although Wilson was not one of them, having been caught on CCTV leaving work elsewhere and returning to his home address.

However, the prosecution said Wilson and the 17-year-old then travelled to Peckham, loitering in the area for some time before carrying out the attack.

Malorie immediately recognised one of her attackers as Wilson and called out his name as he made off, causing him to turn and look back at her.

Wilson, learning he was wanted, attended Walworth police station on Tuesday, 16 June and was arrested.

The 17-year-old was arrested on 24 August. Searches of his home and the surrounding area found two motorbike helmets, one in a communal bin. A registration document showed he had owned a scooter, but he claimed he had since sold it on. Police later disproved this and also his alibi that he was out for a meal with relatives at the time of the attack.

Both defendants were subsequently charged.

Sentencing takes place on a date to be confirmed.