Gun amnesty to be launched at Luton Police Station

Guns, such as this First World War pistol, can be handed in over the next two weeks
Guns, such as this First World War pistol, can be handed in over the next two weeks
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Guns can be surrendered at Luton Police Station over the next fortnight as Beds Police participates in a national firearm amnesty.

The amnesty, which will run from Monday until Friday November 21, will give people an opportunity to surrender a firearm without being prosecuted for illegally possessing the weapon.

The amnesty is a national initiative which aims to reduce the number of weapons across the country.

Chief Inspector Gavin Hughes-Rowlands said: “We are committed to tackling gun crime.

“Firearms offences have actually reduced by more than a third across the county over the past five years.

“But, despite the fact that firearms and imitation weapons are handed into police or seized on a weekly basis, there are still unlawfully held firearms in Bedfordshire.

“These can include historic ‘trophy’ weapons from wars or firearms that people have acquired from a relative or friend.

“The amnesty will give people the chance to help prevent those weapons getting into the wrong hands.”

New legislation introduced in July 2014 means that some people who already have firearms in their possession may also now be breaking the law.

Offenders face up to five years in prison if caught illegally possessing a firearm.

Chief Insp Hughes-Rowlands said: “The changes to the existing laws also introduce restrictions to the possession of firearms by ‘prohibited persons’ which include those previously convicted of a crime.

“It is likely that there are people who are in possession of a firearm that they have inherited or that they have overlooked or forgotten about.

“Whatever the circumstances, the amnesty provides the opportunity to dispose of these unwanted firearms safely and with peace of mind.”

Anyone with a firearm or ammunition they wish to hand in should call 101 to arrange collection by the Armed Response Unit.

Firearms can also be surrendered at Luton Police Station or Greyfriars Police Station.

People can also surrender items which have the potential to be reactivated.