Homeowner’s shock as WW2 grenade is dug up outside her home

The grenade was found to be empty
The grenade was found to be empty

A homeowner has exclusively told the Luton News of her shock after a grenade was discovered outside her home this morning.

The explosive, which is thought to date back to World War Two, was dug up by workers who were placing a water meter underneath the pavement on Whitehill Road, Luton.

Adam Roscoe (left) and Daniel Stoten (right) discovered the explosive

Adam Roscoe (left) and Daniel Stoten (right) discovered the explosive

Police were called at 9.30am and the road was evacuated as a bomb disposal team examined the military grenade.

It was found to be empty and was taken away by the bomb squad.

Beatrice Gallagher, whose front drive is just inches from where the explosive was found, revealed her surprise at the find.

She told the Luton News: “Armed police knocked on the window and told us to stay at the back of the house because a hand grenade had been found.

“It was a shock, when you see the police you immediately think ‘what’s wrong?’

“It is not every morning you get a call saying there is a grenade outside your house.”

Mrs Gallagher added: “I was thinking about my car out there!

“When the police came they looked at it and went to get a black box, which they put it in and took it away.

“It was quite scary”.

Amey workers Daniel Stoten and Adam Roscoe were installing a water meter when they dug up the device.

Mr Stoten said: “We put it by the side of the hole and when we looked at it we could see all of the grooves and the pin handle.

“There was the initial panic and shock and then you think ‘what am I going to do with it?’

“It is surprising how shallow the hole is, we left in by the side and got out of the way.”

Mr Stoten added: “The police put up a cordon and told everyone to move their cars away as they were not sure whether they would have to detonate it here with a machine or not.

“They said to us that it was an English World War Two grenade.”

It is not yet known where the explosive originated from, though there is a WW2 gun turret not far from Whitehall Avenue on the edge of Stockwood Park.