House is closed over anti social behaviour


Police and Luton Borough Council have taken action against the tenants of a house in Luton over anti social behaviour.

People living at the house in Naseby Road, Luton, were responsible for high levels of anti-social behaviour including fly tipping, excessive noise and urinating in the street.

The property has been issued with a closure notice, which means that it cannot be lived in or rented out for two months.

Anyone who enters the property during these two months will be committing a criminal offence.

Inspector Jason Cahill said: “We’d received a number of complaints about anti-social behaviour from people at the property, including fly-tipping, inconsiderate parking, excessive noise, high volumes of litter, and urinating in the street.

“We worked closely with a range of council services in order to resolve the issues, but when there was no reduction in the levels of anti-social behaviour, we were left with no option but to close the property down completely.”

Officers visited the property on Thursday issuing a temporary closure order before the full order was issued at Luton Magistrates Court on Friday.

Inspector Cahill added: “This is a great example at how we work with our partners to protect people and fight crime.

“We’re delighted with the closure notice, and we will be continuing to work with our colleagues at the council, along with Luton residents, in order to crack down on anti-social behaviour.”