IN PICTURES: Owners of cockroach-infested takeaway in Luton banned for life from running food business

Unhygienic sink
Unhygienic sink

The owners of a cockroach-infested pizza and chicken takeaway in Luton have been banned for life from running a food business.

Mohommed Saghir, 42, and Anid Saghir, 30, both of Lansdowne Road, Luton, received the ban at Luton Magistrates Court on September 3.

Filthy equipment

Filthy equipment

In July 2018, a food safety officer carried out a routine inspection Pizza & Chicken Time, on Marsh Road, Luton, and found shocking food hygiene standards including an infestation of cockroaches, lack of handwashing facilities and poor food storage practices.

The business was immediately closed at the time using emergency prohibition powers.

The business was inspected again on February 4. Once again, poor standards were found with filthy equipment including a chest freezer and food storage containers.

Mohommed Saghir pleaded guilty to ten hygiene offences and was fined £4,000 and ordered to pay costs of £1,548.13.

The premises was dirty and poorly maintained

The premises was dirty and poorly maintained

Anid Saghir was fined £800.

Laura Church, corporate director for place and infrastructure, said: "Food law lays down clear cleanliness, structural and hygiene standards for food businesses to help keep customers safe and healthy.

"It is inexcusable not to operate a food business in a safe manner and to ignore pest activity inside their premises.

“We prosecute in this way to protect residents and make sure that food businesses are operating within the law.”

Food business operators should use reputable pest controllers that are registered with the British Pest Control Association or The National Pest Technical Association. Alternatively, businesses can obtain advice and guidance and use the Council’s own pest control service by contacting 01582 546814 or emailing

Any food business found to have pest activity faces emergency closure and prosecution.

Customers can view the food ratings of local establishments at