Keep your home burglar proof

burglar hemelweb
burglar hemelweb

Police will be knocking on doors this week in a crackdown on burglaries.

Officers will be out and about in Fallow Field, Moat Lane, Culverhouse Road, Montrose Avenue, Argyll Avenue, Alexandra Avenue, Blenheim Crescent, Sheridan Road, Carlton Close and Carlton Crescent in the Biscot area of Luton to ensure the message is getting across to as many people as possible.

The initiative will begin at 4pm tomorrow and officers will be visiting as many homes as possible giving out burglary reduction advice.

During winter months burglaries often increase due to the darker nights and officers will be aiming to speak directly to residents about how they are tackling burglary and how residents can help in the fight against criminals.

Using the force’s Bluetooth kits and social media outlets messages will be circulated about the day also giving advice to Bedfordshire’s communities on how they can help keep themselves and their property safe.

Police Sergeant Pauline Leng, of the Local Policing Team, said: “The reduction of the number of burglaries committed within our town remains a priority for Bedfordshire Police. Operation Peak, the force’s initiative to target offenders, has resulted in 119 arrests so far and with the help of our communities burglars are continuing to find it difficult to offend in the county.

“Officers are continuing to target hotspot areas in and around the county to ensure criminals using our streets and roads find it difficult to continue to offend but residents can also help in the fight.

“Making homes difficult for offenders to enter is just one way residents can help in the fight against criminals. They can also join schemes such as neighbourhood watch which supports the police and helps keep offenders out of their area whilst keeping an eye out for neighbours and friends. Simple things like security marking your property, enabling electronic tracking security software on new and old devices, keeping a light on a timer and a radio playing whilst they are out are just a few ways they can help.

“This is also an excellent opportunity for members of the Local Policing Team to engage with local people and gives us the opportunity to reassure communities that we take their issues seriously and we are working to tackle them in the most effective ways. It also gives residents a chance to pass on information about offenders in their area so we can work together to crackdown on criminals,” she added.