Labour retain stranglehold on Luton Borough Council

Luton Town Hall
Luton Town Hall

Town Hall will remain red after Labour recorded a strong showing in the local elections.

Just one seat changed hands- the Conservatives took one off Labour in Round Green.

Nonetheless Labour retained an overhwhelming majority with 35 representatives.

The Lib Dems kept their three seats in Wigmore, as well as retaining one in Crawley, two in Stopsley, one in Barnfield and one in Sundon Park.

In all the Conservatives upped their representation in Town Hall from four to five.

Full list of winning council candidates:

Crawley- James Taylor (LAB) and Terry Keens (LIB DEM)

Northwell- Roy David (LAB) and Don Worlding (LAB)

Hightown- Andy Malcolm (LAB) and Aysegul Gurbu (LAB)

Icknield- Mike Garrett (CON) and Jeff Petts (CON)

Stopsley- Cora Dolling (LIB DEM) and Michael Dolling (LIB DEM)

Limbury- Steve Lewis (LAB) and Jennifer Rowlands (LAB)

Farley- Sian Timoney (LAB), David Taylor (LAB) and Mahmood Hussain (LAB)

Bramingham- John Young (CON) and Gilbert Campbell (CON)

Sundon Park- Anna Pederson (LIB DEM) and Fiona Green (LAB)

Saints- Mohammed Riaz (LAB), Raja Saleem (LAB) and Asma Rathore (LAB)

South- Paul Castleman (LAB), Amy O’Callaghan (LAB) and David Agbley (LAB)

Leagrave- Waheed Akbar (LAB), Sheila Roden (LAB) and Sameera Saleem (LAB)

Barnfield- David Franks (LIB DEM) and Rachel Hopkins (LAB)

Lewsey- Hazel Simmons (LAB), Aslam Khan (LAB) and Jacqui Burnett (LAB)

Wigmore- Peter Chapman (LIB DEM), Alan Skepelhorn (LIB DEM) and Diane Moles (LIB DEM)

Biscot- Mohammed Ayub (LAB), Naseem Ayub (LAB) and Tahir Khan (LAB)

Challney- Tom Shaw (LAB), Yasmin Waheed (LAB) and Tahir Malik (LAB)

Round Green- John Baker (CON), Irak Chowdhury (LAB) and Mark Rivers (LAB)

Dallow- Mohammed Farooq (LAB), Nazia Rafiq (LAB) and Mohammed Ashraf (LAB)