L&D car park row rumbles on

The row about over-zealous parking wardens at the Luton&Dunstable Hospital rumbles on – in spite of promises from the L&D that current arrangements are being reviewed.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 31st December 2013, 2:00 pm
Mary Comb (left) and Irene Bradshaw with the offending notices
Mary Comb (left) and Irene Bradshaw with the offending notices

After two distraught fathers contacted the Luton News last week, we have had more angry calls.

Mary Comb, 63, of St Peters Road in Dunstable is furious that she was given a ticket, in spite of having a disabled badge on the dashboard.

“I wasn’t even aware I’d got a ticket until I received a letter demanding £70,” she said. “There certainly wasn’t one on my windscreen. My ‘offence’ was apparently not displaying the blue badge correctly, which I dispute.

“When I rang to query it, I was told to look at the picture online.

“I’ve now been told if I fail to pay the final demand, I’ll be charged £60 on top.”
The ticket was incurred when the retired clerk took her elderly friend Irene Bradshaw to the hospital’s social club on November 11.

“She’s 81, can’t walk very far and has loads of health issues,” Ms Comb said.

Another very unhappy parker who didn’t want to be named works at the hospital as a courier.

He too was ticketed, in spite of having a blue badge. “I left my car unattended to help push someone in a wheelchair,” he said. “The warden said he would cancel it, but I was told that wasn’t possible when I rang to get it quashed.

“They now say they will reduce the fine from £70 to £15 – more or less admitting liability.”

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