Luton Borough Council slated after travellers break through ‘pathetic’ fences

Homeowners have slated Luton Borough Council over the encampment
Homeowners have slated Luton Borough Council over the encampment

Angry residents have slammed Luton Borough Council after a works scheme inadvertently gave travellers the chance to set up camp in a park.

Homeowners living close to the field off the Newbold Road/Quantock Rise roundabout in Bramingham say they repeatedly flagged concers over council plans to remove metal barriers in order to make way for a new cycle path.

Despite this LBC pressed ahead with the scheme and on Saturday night travellers broke through temporary mesh fencing which was placed around the park.

At the time of going to press several vehicles remain on the illegal encampment.

One resident, whose home looks out on to the field, told the Luton News that the measures the council had taken were ‘pathetic’.

She said: “At the time the barriers were removed the travellers were only a mile up the road, (LBC) were inviting them on by their actions.

“We called the police and I was told not to go out of my front door or into my garden, it is like being a prisoner in my own house.

“This is rather frightening and could easily of been avoided had they taken the concerns we raised more seriously.”

The homeowner added that she had called the police out after items were thrown at her home.

A LBC spokeswoman told the Luton News that the authority will bulk up the site’s security once travellers have been moved on.

She said: “We appreciate local residents’ concern.

“The legal process to evict the travellers is under way and we expect them to leave the site in the next few days.

“Temporary concrete barriers have been installed and additional bollards will be installed as soon as the travellers are evicted to close any gaps in the site fencing.”

She added: “These measures will remain in place until our contractors have finished the cycle track and can reinstate permanent fencing.”