Luton men deny ‘revenge, rage and dishonour’ attempted murder

The incident occurred on East Road, Cambridge
The incident occurred on East Road, Cambridge

Three men from Luton have appeared in court accused of attempting to carry out a murder based on ‘revenge, rage and dishonour’.

Ali Tobeigi, 61, Ahmed Mohammed, 24, and Zackaria Sherrief, 59, have all pleaded not guilty to attempted murder over an attack which took place on June 16 in Cambridge.

On Monday a jury at Cambridge Crown Court heard that after becoming incensed with the way his daughter was being treated, Tobeigi confronted his son-in-law Abujamel Ahmed with the other two men.

The final straw for Tobeigi came when he found out Ahmed had planned to move his wife and children to Saudi Arabia, the court heard.

Martin Mulgrew, prosecuting, said: “Tobeigi told his daughter they would be visiting and asked Mr Ahmed to meet them outside.

“As he did so Mr Ahmed was grabbed by the arms, put to the floor and stabbed repeatedly.

“Without the help of doctors at Addenbrooks he would have died from his injuries.”

Witnesses heard shouting in the street and saw three men around another man on the floor.

They then saw a man lean in towards the man on the floor with a shiny object in his hands.

The court heard that when a patrol car was flagged down by an eyewitness, police officers were approached by Tobeigi who told them, ‘It was me, I did that’, before pointing to the victim on the ground.

Tobeigi was then arrested after leading police to a four inch kitchen knife used in the attack.

Mr Ahmed, of Cambridge, was rushed to hospital with internal bleeding.

Mr Mulgrew added: “The ferocity of the attack coupled with the number of stab wounds is indicative that those involved in this attack intended to kill Mr Ahmed.

“There was a clear motive here of revenge, rage and dishonour. Tobeigi had reached the end of his tether.”

The trial continues.