Luton terror arrests: Accused ‘laughed’ while being taken away by police


One of three men arrested in connection with a suspected Al Qaeda terror plot laughed as he was being taken away by police.

The suspect was one of two detained at different houses in Luton on Tuesday.

A third, believed to be a van driver, was arrested at lunchtime at the offices of Alliance Healthcare in Letchworth.

Neighbours of the man arrested in Marlow Avenue, Luton, said it is not the first time the house had been targeted by police.

Neighbour Zara Ahmed told BBC Look East: “I saw police arresting a man with a beard and a hat. All I saw, he was just laughing away.

“There was one police car and the rest were undercover police. They broke the door down.”

Fellow resident Craig Failla said: “I looked out my window and it was about 10.30/11 that I saw undercover police and loads of police around the street, jumping over the fence and going in the door.”

A neighbour of the other house in Vestry Close accused the police of handling the investigation “all wrong”.

The man, who refused to give his name, said: “They’re like my family. I’m not saying anything.

“The police broke the door down– it’s been handled all wrong.”

Witnesses said the man arrested at Alliance Healthcare shouted ‘cowards’ as he was ‘dragged away’ by a dozen plain clothes police officers.

All three suspects remain in custody.

An Alliance Healthcare spokeswoman refused to comment and said: “You need to contact the Met Police.”