Luton woman fights to avoid deportation


A Luton woman who overstayed her visit by more than two years is facing deportation to Ghana after the Home Office raised queries over the credibility of her evidence concerning miscarriages.

Mrs Eunice Acheampong of Wellington Street, Luton, told a Birmingham Immigration and Asylum Tribunal that she needed to stay in this country to continue receiving hospital treatment after her second miscarriage.

She was appealing against a Home Office decision to deport her after the tribunal was told she came to the UK in 2012 on a six month visa visit.

Mrs Acheampong said she had a miscarriage in Ghana before she left for England and had a second miscarriage in the UK.

She said she was receiving treatment for disorders caused by the miscarriages and wanted her stay extended.

Luton and Dunstable Hospital was said to be one hospital where she had been treated.

Her appeal was supported by her husband Alex who said she had received hospital treatment many times since she lost her baby.

The Home Office said Mrs Acheampong had already overstayed her visit by more than two years and told tribunal judge Mrs K.K. Phull that there was no reason why she should not return to Ghana – with her husband if he wanted to go.

The Home Office official said :”The evidence we have is that hospital scans showed the pregnancy was continuing.

“She has failed to produce any medical evidence about consultations or trouble as a result of the miscarriages.”

When Mrs Phull asked Mrs Acheampong why she had not brought evidence about her hospital treatment with her, she replied :”It is all at home. But I am not lying.”

Mrs Phull then asked Mrs Acheampong why she should not return to Ghana and then apply to come back as her husband’s wife.

She replied :” I want to remain here.”

Mrs Phull said she would make a decision on the case at a later date.