Man assaulted and robbed


A man was assaulted during a robbery in Luton on Saturday (31 October).

The man was riding his bike along Mixes Hill between 6pm and 7pm, accompanied by a woman also on a bike. The couple were approached by a group of people and the man was punched, causing him to come off his bike. He was then kicked and stamped on, before having his bike and bag stolen from him.

Detective Constable Emma Morgan, investigating, said: “The victim was innocently riding his bike when approached by a large group of young people, mostly wearing scarves and bandanas with hooded tops. Approximately six people broke away from the main group and assaulted the victim, leaving him with facial injuries, before making off with his bike and bag.

“This was a violent, unprovoked attack, and I’m urging anyone who witnessed the incident to come forward. Due to the large number of people involved, and the time of day, it is likely that there would have been several people who may have seen something which could help us with our enquiries.”

Call 101 with information.