Man banned from ‘urinating or defecating’ in Luton stairwells

Scales of justice
Scales of justice

Bedfordshire Police and Luton Borough Council have teamed up to secure a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) against a 24-year-old man.

Dylan Wythe from Luton was served with the CBO on Tuesday, January 23, at Luton Magistrates’ Court.

The order was imposed for one year and forbids him from entering any of the following locations:

> The Truncals, Sutherland Place, Luton

> The Stockwood Hotel, London Road, Luton

> 4 Farley Hill, Luton

> Petrogas Applegreen, Castle Street, Luton

> High Point, Ruthin Close, Luton

> Ceira Court, South Road, Luton

> Stockwood Court, Stockwood Crescent, Luton

> Farley Lodge, Ruthin Close, Luton

Additionally he is not allowed to sleep in the communal stairwell of any property within the borough of Luton without the consent of the owner or urinate or defecate in the stairwell of any property or residence in Luton.

If anyone who sees Dylan Wythe breaching this order, they are advised to call Bedfordshire Police on 101.