‘Man kidnapped woman off the street in Luton’, court hears


A man kidnapped a woman off the streets of Luton and forcibly imprisoned her against her will, a court was told today.

28-year-old Kamaljit Singh is accused of bundling the woman into his car after allegedly slapping her twice in the face and knocking her to the ground.

Mr Singh is then alleged to have driven the woman to his home at Wickstead Avenue in Luton, before locking her in his bedroom and carrying out a sexual assault.

Appearing at Luton Crown Court today, Mr Singh pleaded not guilty to all four charges against him as the first day of his trial began.

After a jury of nine men and three women were sworn in, prosecutor Jeremy Rosenberg presented his opening arguments.

He said: “[The woman] described that she knew Mr Singh ... She says she was walking home and noticed a red or maroon-coloured car approach her ... Mr Singh was inside. She says he asked for her to come with him.

“She said, ‘No, I don’t want to come. It’s cold, it’s wet and I’m not feeling well’. She carried on walking and he drove alongside her a bit more and he began to get angry.

“He swore at her and called her a ‘call girl’ and a ‘slut’.”

Mr Rosenberg said the defendent got out of the car and grabbed hold of the woman’s left arm, saying ‘You’ve got to come’ as she again refused.

The prosecutor went on: “At this point he then slapped her twice and on the second occasion knocking her to the ground.”

“He picks her up and puts her in the car then drives her to his address.”

Mr Rosenberg said the woman pleaded to go home as she was pulled out of the car and “dragged” into the property.

“He took her upstairs into a room and puts her on the bed, he locks the door and explains how he loves her, wants to be with her and wants to marry her.

“She repeats, ‘I just want to go home’. At this point, he then starts to try to touch her... she says, ‘No, stop it’.

“While he’s doing this he’s also undressed himself ... he stands there in his boxers.”

The prosecution said as the defendant allegedly tried to sexually touch the woman, a housemate came back at the address. After further pleading from the woman and knowing someone else was in the house, the defendent is alleged to have let her return home in a taxi.

Mr Singh was arrested at his home on November 15 after the woman went to the police. He stated he had no knowledge of her claims.

Mr Rosenberg said: “He made several comments to the police officers on his arrest ... he said, ‘I don’t know why she’d make these allegations’ and that nothing alleged happened with her.”

The trial continues.