Man sold ‘clocked’ cars from home


A car dealer escaped jail after pleading guilty to running a fraudulent business.

Sahaire Ramzan, 26, of Conway Road, Luton, appeared at Luton Crown Court, but the judge said his role as a carer for his disabled brother showed exceptional good character.

Ramzan ‘clocked’ cars which he sold from his family home, advertising online and meeting customers outside several different addresses where he pretended to live.

Luton Trading Standards investigated him for several months after a car dealer spotted two cars he had sold to Ramzan being advertised with reduced mileages.

Ramzan used a series of false names and addresses, more than 20 mobile numbers and a credit card in a false name (Saeed Naff) to avoid detection. A raid on Ramzan’s home unearthed two computers, eight mobile phones and several new unused sim cards and prepaid credit cards ready for use with new false IDs, plus paperwork and a stash of cash.

The final piece of the puzzle fell into place when a victim mentioned that Saeed Naff posed for a photograph when selling a car. Officers recognised Naff as Ramzan.

A Trading Standards spokeswoman said: “We believe vehicles sold by Ramzan may have ‘lost’ a total of nearly two million miles.” Ramzan received a 20 month prison sentence suspended for two years and was ordered to carry out 300 hours of community service. The council is pursing compensation for Ramzan’s victims and the forfeiture of his proceeds under the Proceeds of Crime Act.