Met PC sacked over Luton fights


A Police Constable attached to the Met’s Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection command has been dismissed following a misconduct hearing concluding yesterday, Tuesday, 24 October.

PC Thomas Greany was facing allegations that while off-duty he was involved in several violent incidents which took place in the early hours of 22 November 2015.

PC Greany was returning from a charity event at Auction House in Luton. A row or argument took place between members of PC Greany’s family travelling in a taxi. After the taxi stopped PC Greany was seen to be involved in a violent altercation with a woman, who turned out to be his sister. Other people, who were travelling in a following taxi, intervened in order to stop the attack or fight that was taking place.

It was alleged that PC Greany later assaulted several of these people in Hyde Road, Caddington, Luton.

The primary allegation against PC Greany was that in each of the physical altercations he committed assaults and/or was the main or one of the main aggressors. It was alleged that he engaged in repeated physical fighting and did so without seeking to disengage or prevent such fights or stop them from escalating.

The panel found the case of gross misconduct to be proven.

Chief Superintendent Matt Gardner, of the Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards said: “PC Greany has let himself and his colleagues down as a result of his off-duty behaviour. Physical aggression is never acceptable and it is particularly disappointing to hear how PC Greany was in fact the aggressor or main aggressor in this event. These are not the standards we expect of our officers and which the public rightly deserve, therefore it is right he is dismissed with immediate effect.”

The officer was subsequently dismissed without notice.