OAP’s terror at knifepoint


A man who attempted to extract more than £14,000 out of his elderly neighbour has received three 12 month suspended sentences.

Ronald Christie, 31, who now lives in Dundee but who was living in Luton at the time of the offences, held his elderly neighbour at knife point and made her call her bank in order to transfer her savings into his account.

The bank worker who took the call was suspicious and stopped the transaction from going through, before alerting the police.

Previously Christie had forged three cheques from the same victim totalling £7,559.

Two of the cheques weren’t processed as two of them did not have the victim’s legitimate signature on them, however Christie did manage to con the victim out of £2500.

Christie was sentenced at Luton Crown Court on Friday.

He also received a 12 month supervision order, and a High Court Sheriff’s order of £250 was made to the bank worker who alerted police to the attempted bank transfer.

Detective constable Dave Brecknock called the targeting of the elderly victim an “abhorrent crime”.