Owner of dogs left in ‘poor state’ given banning order

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A Luton man who let two of his dogs fall into a ‘poor state’ has been banned from owning canines for five years.

Joseph Haden, 52, of Hawthorne Avenue, had his three mastiff cross dogs- Brandy, Whiskey and Megan- taken from him in August after they had broke out of his garden and ate a neighbour’s three guinea pigs.

Following the incident, which occurred while Haden was at work, police officers concerned about the welfare of the dogs took them and placed them into RSPCA care.

A vet assessed that Brandy and Whiskey were underweight and in a ‘poor state’, while Megan was better but still required care.

Haden was charged with animal welfare offences and plead guilty at Luton Magistrates Court on Monday (March 31), where he was disqualified from owning dogs for five years and ordered to pay nearly £7,000 in costs.

RSPCA inspector Stephanie Law said injuries to the dogs suggested they may have been fighting each other.

She said: “This was a very distressing incident for all concerned. We think the dogs behaved in this way because they were not properly cared for and had not been fed properly. They were in a bad way when we found them.

“Brandy and Whiskey were clearly very underweight and needed to see a vet – their ribs, hips and spine were sticking out and very visible. Their legs were also covered in puncture wounds and scabs and we think they had been fighting each other.

“Brandy was also suffering from severe skin, ear and eye conditions which had gone untreated. I have no doubt that Haden loved his dogs but he was unable to care for them properly and keep them under the control necessary to protect their welfare and that of others.

“They were just too much for him.”

Brandy, Whiskey and Megan have recovered in RSPCA care and will now be available for rehoming.