PCC Olly Martins: Tax hike plan has support

PCC Olly Martins
PCC Olly Martins

The average Lutonian is receptive to proposals for a 15.8% increase in the police’s council tax precept, according to Beds crime commissioner Olly Martins.

The hike would cost homeowners with Band D properties an extra £24.81 on top of the £156.55 they already pay to the force’s coffers annually.

PCC Olly Martins has said that the cash would be used to fund a hundred extra officers.

Due to the scale of the in-crease the plan needs public

support, with a referendum planned to be held alongside

the General Election on May 7.

Since announcing plans for the hike Mr Martins has canvassed shoppers in The Mall and Sainsburys, Quantock Rise.

He said: “Feedback from the public clearly demonstrates that once people understand the proposal they overwhelmingly support it.

“Assuming the feedback I get from the public around the county over the next fortnight stays consistent with what I have found to date, the challenge is going to be ensuring people know what 15.8% means, given that this is all the referendum question would ask.”

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