People sign up for justice for tragic Sam

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A grieving father is calling for more people to sign a petition to change a lawwhich he says protects child killers.

Beds police are re-investigating the death of toddler Sam Harry who suffered fatal head injuries while in the care of his mother Deanna Buffham and her former partner Ryan Bate after a coroner ruled last week that the 19-month-old had been unlawfully killed.

Both Ms Buffham, who was living in Kempston at the time of Sam’s death in 2013, and Mr Bate blame each other for the injuries.

Nick Harry, from Houghton Regis, has a petiton on calling for action against people suspected of killing children but who have not been prosecued.

The petition says: ‘I propose that it is in the interests of the public that both parties are treated as a significant threat to the welfare of children until such a time that evidence proves the contrary in favor of either party.

‘I propose it to be in the interests of the public in similar circumstances of child homiciode, that any suspects known to be complicit in the misleading of the investigation, should be treated as a significant threat to the welfare of children.’

The petition, which currently has more than 24,000 supporters, can be found at