Police keep on taking the tablets

Police are appealing for witnesses
Police are appealing for witnesses

Another 255 police officers in Beds are to be equipped with technology to help them be even more effective in the communities.

Officers in Local and Community Policing Teams in Luton will start to be issued with Windows tablets, meaning they will not have to return to the police station to complete tasks such as writing victim and witness statements.

They will also be able to use them to make Police National Computer (PNC) checks, email, instant message, telephone and video calls or join meetings from any location with network connectivity.

The Lenovo ThinkPad 10 tablets are thanks to funding from the Home Office Innovation Fund and follow a similar project in the north of the county where the roll out of 224 devices is nearly complete. Fifty police vehicles are being fitted with wireless routers.

The initiative follows the introduction of body-worn video cameras and is the latest example of the force embracing technology to become a high performing, efficiently run police service.

Chair of the force Mobile Working Group, Supt Jim Lunn, said: “One of the great benefits of these devices is that they enable officers to spend more time in our communities dealing with those issues that matter most to the public.”