‘Police left me home alone with burglars’


A woman was left alone in her home for nearly an hour after reporting that burglars were downstairs in her property, because the police were dealing with another incident.

The 24-year-old, who does not wish to be named, was left shocked when it took officers almost an hour to get to her house on Crawley Green Road when intruders broke in on Thursday, November 16.

She was home alone when she heard someone downstairs. After realising it was not her husband or sister-in-law, who she lived with, she called the police to alert them to the burglary.

She said: “I was half asleep and heard someone in the room, when I realised it wasn’t my husband or his sister, I called the police. They must have been in my bedroom.

“I told the police I was home alone and someone was downstairs in my home, I could hear them going through things, I didn’t want to leave my room it was really scary.

“I thought they might come upstairs and find me in my room. I was on the phone to the police and told them again that I was by myself, and I asked how long they would be and they kept saying they were on their way. It was over an hour before the police came and my sister-in-law got back to the house before they had arrived.”

Bedfordshire Police were unable to send officers immediately to the incident. A spokesman for the force said: “We were called at about 5.10pm on 16 November to 
reports of a burglary in Crawley Green Road, Luton.

“Unfortunately due to an on-going high risk incident involving the concerns for welfare of a man on the M1 which required multiple resources, we were unable to dispatch an officer immediately.

“As soon as an officer was available, they were dispatched to the address and arrived at approximately 5.55pm.

“A scenes of crime officer also attended to look for forensic evidence.

“The victim was then contacted by an officer to say that the case was being filed pending any further evidence coming to light.”

She added: “The police were really bad, they knew there was an intruder in my house and that I was alone, but it took them over an hour to send an officer to me. They got someone to check for fingerprints but couldn’t get anything. I have not heard from the police since the incident.”

A laptop, Xbox and PlayStation were stolen during the burglary.

A spokesman for Bedfordshire Police added: “The decision to file the case is being reviewed by a senior officer and the victim will be updated in due course.

“Anyone who is not happy with the service received by Bedfordshire Police is encouraged to contact our Professional Standards Department so that it can be looked in to further.”