Police plans for body worn cameras gets £800k boost

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A scheme to introduce body worn cameras for police officers across the county has received just under £800,000 from the Home Office.

The fund will allow 1179 body worn camera units to be purchased for use across Bedforshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

The £795,723 grant from the Home Office follows a Beds Police trial on use of the cameras which began in June 2013.

This culminated in the roll-out of 60 body worn video cameras for use by frontline police officers across the county in May.

It is hoped that the cameras will deter disruptive behaviour, as well as provide evidence which can be used for convictions.

in Bedfordshire earlier this month, a man who had given the police false details was identified from video footage, enabling appropriate action to be taken.

Beds police and crime commissioner Olly Martins welcomed the funding.

He said: “The cameras are proving popular with the public and police officers alike – the only people not too keen are the criminals being brought to justice due to the evidence provided.

“Local officers have told me that they are making a real difference in helping to secure prosecutions and defuse difficult situations.”