Pupils petition council to investigate Stopsley High School claims

Stopsley High School, St Thomas's Road
Stopsley High School, St Thomas's Road

Stopsley High School is mired in dissent after more than a hundred pupils urged Luton Borough Council to investigate the school.

The Herald & Post has obtained a petition, signed by 111 students, which levels a number of accusations against headteacher Karen Johns.

Mrs Johns strongly denies the claims.

The pupils claim staff departing the school or who have already left “are important members of staff and key to our education”.

A letter which accompanied the petition claimed students had been told how to behave during a recent Ofsted inspection – which classed the school as ‘good’.

It said: “We have been protesting in school about the way the school is run ...but Mrs Johns has forced us to keep quiet and threatened us with actions. There is something very wrong with the way our school is being run.”

It added: “As pupils of Stopsley High School we officially request our concerns are investigated as a matter of urgency.”

Parent Yvonne Nolan exclusively told the Herald & Post that the school is “in chaos”.

She said: “I’m getting all of this through my 16-year-old son, there has been no communication through the school which I find appalling.

“When you have got kids taking it upon themselves to get involved in these things it is shocking.

“At 16 my son should not be involved in staffing issues, he is sitting his GCSEs and does not need any distractions.

“Would it not be responsible of local authority or the school to nip this in the bud?”

Mrs Nolan added: “What is happening at the school is by the bye, my main concern is that we have been told nothing at all.

“It would be nice if they explain the steps that have been taken as at the moment the place is an absolute shambles.”

Karen Johns, headteacher at Stopsley High School, said: “These serious allegations are complete nonsense. The school is undergoing a formal restructuring process, working closely with the council’s human resources department, school governors and relevant unions to ensure all official procedures are being followed.

“We appreciate that any time of change can be difficult for everyone involved. However, Wave 2 organisational changes or redundancies affecting individuals have not yet been completed so it would be inappropriate for us to comment any further on the changes at this stage.”