Reality show to be filmed at Luton Police Station


Luton Police Station is to be the subject of a new fly-on-the-wall television show.

The 20-part series has been commissioned by Channel 4 and will delve into life inside the Buxton Road station.

It will be filmed by a combination of fixed-rig and handheld cameras, and will aim to provide insight into the day-to-day challenges faced by the staff and understanding of the workings of a busy police station.

Executive Producer, Simon Ford said: ”We chose Luton because of the incredibly tight-knit working relationships and camaraderie which exists between the officers and because Luton is a small town station that now faces big city problems. Everything comes through the door, from repeat small time offenders to stabbings, murder and terrorism issues.”

The programme will show viewers the 21-cell block with seven interview rooms handling an average of 30 prisoners per 12-hour shift, with two custody sergeants in charge at any one time.

The series is also focusing on other vital aspects of policing including response, CID and investigation and visitors to the Enquiry Office.

A Beds Police spokesperson said: “Bedfordshire Police is very excited about making this brand new observational documentary series for Channel 4. It will allow the public real insight into how and why we police Bedfordshire and the time effort and care that goes into looking after victims as well as seeing offender brought to justice. Being open and transparent in this way is very important to Bedfordshire Police and this is an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate the professional and caring work that our staff do. Filming begins at the end of February – more details will follow.”

Head of Documentaries, Nick Mirsky, said the unprecedented access will provide a “unique perspective” on policing in modern Britain.

He said: “Prisoners must usually be released or charged within 24 hours of custody being authorised and the station operates on a 24-hour cycle so the ‘24 Hours’ format established by 24 Hours in A&E and which achieved major critical acclaim is a perfect fit for this series.”