Result for Luton North – Kelvin Hopkins holds seat for Labour


Kelvin Hopkins has comfortably held on to his seat as MP for Luton North after a night of anticipation.

Hopkins received 22243 votes

The MP said: “Thanks to all the peope who made this remarkable result happen.

“Most of all I want to thank the voters for Luton North.

“It’s very sad that Labour is not now going to be government but we’ve proved the piouint were still here fighting again.”

Results for Luton North:

LABOUR Kelvin Hopkins – 22243

CONSERVATIVE Dean Russell – 12739

LIB DEM Aroosa Ulzaman – 1299

GREEN Sofia Ahmed – 972

UKIP Allan White – 5318

Total votes 42862. Some 291 ballot papers rejected.

Voter turnout was 63.79%, a minor reduction from the 2010 turnout of 65.5%.

Created in 1983, Luton North largely replaced the old Luton West constituency. It was a Conservative constituency held by the Tory MP John Carlisle until Hopkins won the seat for Labour in 1997.