School yobs ‘terrorising’ ladies’ salon in Luton

School pupils are targeting the salon
School pupils are targeting the salon

Teenage tearaways are making a determined effort to wreck one woman’s business because it caters for females, she believes.

Tabs Salon on Roman Road has been repeatedly targeted by pupils from Challney High School for Boys ever since it opened in January, says owner Tabinda Jewad.

Barely a day goes by without cat-calls being shouted through the door and throngs of pupils loitering outside.

Tabinda said: “They find it funny because we’re a ladies-only salon. They find us a soft target.

“One of my clients said to me, ‘Tabinda, I’m so scared I don’t think I can come to you any more’. This is happening in front of clients and I know I’m going to lose business because of it.”

In March, two windows at the salon were damaged after stones were thrown at them.

And last Friday, a hooded youngster barged into the salon to shout abuse at clients.

Tabinda said: “You can see scratches everywhere, they’ve been throwing stones many times.

“One of the boys admitted doing the crime and the police said, ‘you can take him to civil court’ but then, we couldn’t get the information about the boy.”

After further investigation, Tabinda and her husband Jewad Bashir say they were told by the school that the pupil had difficulties.

Jewad said: “We feel like the children seem to be getting away with it.”

Daniel Connor, headteacher at Challney High School for Boys, said: “The school takes a very dim view of any anti-social behaviour and we will not tolerate such actions.

“Thankfully incidents of anti-social behaviour are extremely rare and we will be making contact with the salon owner to find out about any other problems she may have experienced.

“We will do everything we can to support her and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

After Luton News began investigating the matter, Mr Connor and a PCSO from Bedfordshire Police have gone out to visit Mrs Jewad.

A spokesman for the force said: “A local PCSO has had a meeting with Mrs Jewad and an action plan has been established and put in place. Our Anti-Social Behaviour team have also been made aware and the will be case managed with a dedicated police point of contact.”