Shop worker forced to punch pitbull as it mauled terrier

Molly required stitches and �200 worth of treatment after the attack
Molly required stitches and �200 worth of treatment after the attack

A pensioner has described the terrifying moment in which a man was forced to repeatedly punch a dog viciously attacking another canine.

Pat Marshall, 67, from Surrey, was walking her sister’s terrier Molly across the park close to St Dominic’s Square, Lewsey Farm, Luton, on Sunday when it was suddenly attacked by a pitbull-type dog.

After gnawing into Molly’s leg the pitbull would not let go and a crowd of people formed as Mrs Marshall began to become distressed.

The noise alerted Patrick Kwiatkowski, who was working in the Nisa Local, and he stepped in to try and end to the attack.

In desperation he was forced to repeatedly punch the pitbull on the back before it let go and jumped up at him, before calming down.

Mrs Marshall said: “It was a horrifying attack that happened with no provocation at all.

“The pitbull either jumped off its lead or pulled its collar and just went for Molly.

“It was really traumatic for me, blood was coming from her mouth and she went limp.

“If the man hadn’t have helped it would have been so much worse. It doesn’t bear thinking about if it was a child it had attacked.”

Mr Kwiatkowski, 26, of Lewsey Farm, said: “I thought the pitbull had attacked the woman at first.

“I did the only thing I could think of. I had to use force to save the dog.”

After the attack Mrs Marshall scooped up Molly and went into Ladbrokes.

The terrier was urgently taken to the vets and stitched up, leaving Mrs Marshall’s sister with a £200 bill to foot.

Molly is now recovering.