St Mary’s Church asserts it did not rent out hall to ISIS accused

St Mary's Church, Luton
St Mary's Church, Luton

St Mary’s Church has rubbished claims that it rented out a hall to four men accused of running ISIS meetings.

A report in the Daily Mail states that the group used the Luton church to hold incedinary speeches in support of ISIS during the summer.

However the church has countered the claims and has said that it is a case of mistaken identity.

In a statement St Mary’s said: “Our bookings over the summer months confirm that no meeting was held here that fits the descriptions in the media this morning.

“In the period of time involved we are confident that we knew all our hirers.

“Like all churches we let our church hall to members of the public for entertainment and some meetings but are careful about who we let to.

“Our sympathies go to whoever unknowingly hosted the meeting. If anyone was concealing their true purpose, however, any community facility might be used in such a way.

“This allegation underlines the need for vigilance and for people to know those in their communities, not mistrust and suspect them.”

Yesterday Mohammed Istiak Alamgir, 36, Ziaur Rahman, 38, Yousaf Bashir, 35, and Rajib Khan, 37, appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court.

The four men, all from Luton, have been remanded in custody and will appear at the Old Bailey on January 8.