Students offer free legal advice to the public

Law Clinic reopens at the University of Bedfordshire
Law Clinic reopens at the University of Bedfordshire

The Law Clinic, offering free legal advice to the public, has reopened at the University of Bedfordshire.

The student-run initiative launched by the University’s School of Law last year will be introducing an email advice service throughout the year, as well as the sessions on Wednesday afternoons.

Law students will offer support and guidance to clients, advising them on the legalities of the issue in question.

All students have been trained in the necessary skills and techniques and are supervised by legal experts from the University.

Last year, students advised 24 clients on matters ranging from housing issues, to consumer queries and problems with work.

Dr John Beaumont-Kerridge, Associate Executive Dean (International) and acting head of Department of the School of Law and Finance, said: “The Law Clinic is an excellent example of contemporary Higher Education working to provide a valuable service to the community and at the same time offering a unique experience to students.

“Always under the guidance of experienced and qualified staff, members of the public have access to free legal support on housing, consumer and employment issues.

“The benefit this offers to those in need is immeasurable.”

The Law Clinic offers one hour appointments at the Luton campus, to be booked in advance, between the hours of 2pm and 5pm, to book an appointment call 07702 338684 or email