Thieving airline workers ordered to pay back employer

Beds Police
Beds Police

Two airline provisioning firm workers who stole perfume and aftershave worth almost £2,000 have been ordered to pay back their employer.

Milan Zima, 44, of Clifton Road, Luton, and Piotr Romanow, 34, of Carlton Crescent, Luton, were responsible for changing in-flight retail trolleys used on flights from London Luton Airport.

However the pair picked the locks of the trolleys to help themselves to the goods inside.

The company had noticed some discrepancies in inventory and therefore started investigating. Zima and Romanow were both caught stealing a number of retail items, more specifically fragrances, on different dates while the investigation was ongoing.

They were arrested and charged with theft of fragrances worth a total of £1,924.

They pleaded guilty at Luton Magistrates’ Court on Monday, August 3. Both were ordered to pay £963 compensation, £60 victim surcharge and £265 court costs.

Sergeant Giles Hutchinson from the airport policing unit said: “These workers breached the trust of their employer in order to help themselves to goods. This type of crime is not victimless as it has a profound effect on businesses and those they serve.

“We work closely with the airport and the many businesses who operate there in order to tackle a wide range of crime and keep people safe.”