Three Luton burglars jailed for 18 months while fourth man given life sentence

A serial burglar has been jailed for life after committing offences in Bedfordshire and elsewhere around the country.

Friday, 29th November 2019, 4:02 pm
Updated Friday, 29th November 2019, 4:03 pm

Patrick Connors was sentenced to three years for a burglary in Elstow in 2018. Forensic work was able to identify Connors’ blood having been left at the scene.

This is one of a number of recent significant sentences for burglary in Bedfordshire, with three others jailed this week for at least 18 months.

One of them was disturbed by the victims during a burglary, while the other two falsely claimed that they had a bomb in their possession when police turned up at the premises they were attempting to steal from.

Clockwise from top left: Patrick Connors, Stephen Callaghan, Paul Dennett and Daryl Power-West
Clockwise from top left: Patrick Connors, Stephen Callaghan, Paul Dennett and Daryl Power-West

Detective Constable Andy Boston said: “These sentences show how serious our force is about pursuing burglars and bringing them to justice.

“We will use a wide range of investigative techniques to identify those responsible and ensure they are prosecuted and ultimately spend time behind bars.

“Our dedicated Operation Maze team has the skills, knowledge and experience to take serious offenders off the streets and reduce the risk to Bedfordshire residents.”

Connors, 54, of no fixed address, received a life prison term for committing the Elstow offence as well as a range of other burglaries in Northamptonshire and Warwickshire, including an aggravated burglary.

Stephen Callaghan, 45, of Arthur Street, Luton, received a jail term of two years and two months for two burglaries in the town in September.

Callaghan was caught in the act while carrying out a break-in at a residential address in the New Town area.

A latex glove was ripped off during a struggle Callaghan had with the victim, which was used to identify his DNA.

He was also forensically linked to a burglary at a shop in the town later that day, where his fingerprints were identified.

Daryl Power-West, 30, of no fixed abode, and Paul Dennett, 30, formerly of Roebuck Close, Luton, were each jailed for 18 months after attempting to break into a commercial premises in Luton.

The pair were spotted by an off-duty police officer, who notified police and a full containment was set up around the building.

One of the men repeatedly claimed to have a bomb and threatened to blow everyone up at the scene.

A police dog handler then attended and officers told Power-West and Dennett that a police dog would be released unless they gave themselves up.

Dennett then walked to the entrance of the building and was detained, with Power-West following a short time afterwards.

Both men were jailed for 18 months for burglary.