'Twisted' Luton trio jailed for imprisoning couple and torturing man in nine-hour ordeal

Kowalski, Kotlarz and Gawrys
Kowalski, Kotlarz and Gawrys

A 'twisted' trio of thugs from Luton have been jailed imprisoning a couple and subjecting a man to a prolonged attack.

Kamil Gawrys, 30, of Cheapside, Piotr Kowalski, 34, of Moulton Rise and Kamil Kotlarz, 23, of Mill Street each admitted causing actual bodily harm.

At around 1pm on April 22, 2018, the men lured the victim and his girlfriend to an apartment under false pretences. Once inside, Gawrys, Kowalski and Kotlarz refused to allow them to leave.

Kowalski threatened them both with a hammer, asking the victim to choose whose fingers he should break with it - his or his girlfriend’s.

The victim was then repeatedly assaulted, including with the use of a wrench. The offenders also put the victim’s head in a vice. He was told that if anyone told the police, he would be killed.

At approximately 7.15pm the offenders let the victim’s partner go, but his ordeal continued.

When Kowalski and Kotlarz left the premises to go to a shop, the victim managed to use his phone when Gawrys was distracted. The victim called a relative pleading for them to call the police. Officers arrived to take the victim to safety and the three men were arrested.

The entire ordeal, described by Her Honour Judge Tayton as a ‘sustained and repeated assault’, took nine hours.

Kamil Kotlarz, Kamil Gawrys and Piotr Kowalski were sentenced to 27 months imprisonment each. They were also served with a five-year restraining order prohibiting them to contact the victim or his partner.

Detective Constable Scott Hannam, who investigated, said: “There are no words that can describe what the victim of this disgusting, despicable attack went through. I would personally like to recognise the bravery and strength of the victim and his partner, who went through something so utterly terrifying because of the deplorable actions of these men.

“Kotlarz, Gawrys and Kowalski are twisted individuals and there is no place in our society for people like them. They will now spend lengthy time behind bars away from innocent members of the community. Using weapons to intimidate or harm anyone is unacceptable, and I’m glad the victim was able to call for help and we could arrest the men so swiftly.

“Thankfully, the group pleaded guilty and spared the victim the further trauma of attending a trial.

“Now that they are locked up, I hope the victim can begin to move on from this horrific ordeal.”