Video footage shows Luton gang moments before Eaton Green Road stabbing

CCTV footage has been shared by Bedfordshire Police showing a Luton gang launching their ambush on a rival gang member.

Wednesday, 2nd June 2021, 11:19 am
Updated Wednesday, 2nd June 2021, 11:20 am

Yesterday, Luton Today reported (here) that Clayton Newton, 21, of Anmer Gardens, and Jordan Jones, 20, of Crawley Green Road, had each been jailed for their part in the stabbing on March 8 this year.

The victim had been parked outside a cafe on Eaton Green Road when Newton, Jones, and three unidentified accomplices launched a vicious knife attack.

After the attack, the victim staggered into the cafe asking for 999 to be called. He was airlifted to hospital, where surgeons opened his chest to make sure his heart and lungs were not damaged.

CCTV footage before the attack; Inset, Clayton Newton (top) and Jordan Jones (below)

A member of the public saw part of the attack and reported to police that the attackers had fled the scene in a white Vauxhall Corsa parked nearby.

Armed officers tracked a vehicle matching the description to Hitchin, where a man got out of the car and ran off on foot towards Hitchin town centre.

Officers eventually caught up with him and identified it was Newton, and arrested him. The victim’s blood was recovered from Newton’s trainers.

Jones was the registered owner of the vehicle. Officers who carried out a warrant at his home address recognised him from the CCTV of the attack outside the takeaway.

Further analysis showed that Jones' phone was in the area at the time of the stabbing and had travelled to Hitchin.

Three other men who participated in the attack have never been identified.

Yesterday (Tuesday), Newton was jailed for eight years and three months, as well as a concurrent sentence of nine months for the weapons offence. Jones received a prison sentence of six years.

DC Colin Knight, from Bedfordshire Police’s Boson guns and gangs team, which led the investigation, said: “This swift and comprehensive investigation has quickly brought two people to justice for this truly shocking, vicious and frenzied attack.

“Jones and Newton were intent on causing the victim huge harm, all in the name of gangland rivalry.

"Given the ferocity and remorselessness of this attack, it is lucky the victim did not come to more serious harm.

“While there has been some superb police work involved, from pursuing Newton on foot through to the forensic investigation work which placed Jones at the scene, information from the public has directly enabled this to happen.

“Without that initial caller having the courage to tell us about this stabbing and the vehicle the attackers were leaving in, so much of this good work which happened afterwards would not have been possible.

“By telling us what you know, you can help us get violent and dangerous offenders like Jones and Newton off the streets.”

Detective Chief Inspector Louisa Glynn said: “We have made enormous strides in taking dangerous weapons off the streets, tackling the drivers of serious violence such as drug dealing and organised crime, locking up offenders and working with partners to offer young people vulnerable to violence and exploitation a better path.

“However, we are not getting complacent. We will continue to pursue those people involved in gangs, drug dealing and violence, as well as protecting people who are vulnerable to the exploitation that often comes with it.

“This case also encompasses the sad reality of life as a gang member. This is not a glamorous life choice and people should be under no illusion that this is the path such a lifestyle will lead you down.”

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